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ALYKXX Performance Reel
ALYKXX Miami Beach 2024
ALYKXX - VIBE (Official Music Video)
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ALYKXX (Ahh-liqx), is a rapper, singer, and songwriter, raised in the Bronx, NY, living in Miami, and born in Jamaica. In November, he dropped his latest fresh double record “VIBE” that starts as a seductive rap ballad and gradually evolves into a hard-hitting dance anthem. His debut EP "Autonomous", features his fan favorites modern dancehall track "iScream” and single-life anthem "N.S.A." (No Strings Attached). ALYKXX is making waves with his multifaceted sound and emotionally charged lyricism. His music captures the energy, seduction, and heartbreak of club life, providing a captivating experience for his listeners. ALYKXX the hip hop rock star!

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