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ALYKXX - VIBE (Official Music Video)
ALYKXX - Amazon Trees
ALYKXX - Amazon Trees
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Raised in the flashing lights of New York City, the Jamaican-born performer and songwriter lives for nights that end in sunrises. He’s like Pitbull but with actual sex appeal and killer dance moves. After a move to LA early on, ALYKXX hopped on tour with Salt-N-Pepa, learning what it takes to run a long-term successful hip-hop and dance music outfit. Globetrotting landed him in London for a spell where he painted the streets and absorbed a more international sound. Now laying roots in Miami, ALYKXX is making an impact with his multifaceted sound and emotional lyricism that captures all the energy, seduction, and heartbreak of club life.

Get ready to turn up and turn your squad onto the next big thing with ALYKXX.

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